Combat Pressure Points DVD

Are you ready to defend yourself?

COMBATSKILLS.NET Unarmed Combat DVD for elite Hand to Hand Combat Training with pressure point fighting for self defense ...

One day you will need to defend yourself, or those you care about, with everything you've got. Are you ready? Do you know which pressure points to strike, which ones are most effective, which ones work every time? Do you know how to strike them in the right way, with the right attack, at the proper angle? Can you use everyday objects as improvised weapons? Do you know how to become aware of everything that is happening around you, like a Special Forces veteran? You need to click on the link above and get the DVD while you still can. If there is anybody you care about, send them the link too.

Below are some books with good sources of self defense skills - but none of these is as good as the DVD above

SAS Unarmed Combat

US Hand to Hand Combat

Krav Maga Israeli military combat

Muay Thai Boxing